Junioren, Young Riders & Children

8 t/m 13 augustus 2017


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The entries have to be send to the FEI with a certificate of capability.

Entries in Principle:                     Monday 26th June 2017

Nominated Entries:                     Monday 10th July 2017

Definite Entries:                          Monday 24th July 2017

Due to limited parking places, only horse trucks/caravans of participating athletes will be allowed at the showground parking places.
All accompanied people have to stay at official camping in the area of Roosendaal.
Those people have to arrange their own places with the camping.
For more information about camping / hotel you can contact Den Goubergh /
In order of the Roosendaal Community, Music equipment, liquor cabinet, open fire, BBQ, party’s etc. are strictly prohibited at the showground parking places.


Monday 7th August 2017 – 11.00 hrs amAll horses will be controlled by Veterinary upon arrival, it will absolutely not possible to arrive earlier as mentioned above.
The NF’s are informed with training / stable facility for earlier arrival.
The gate will only be open at 11.00 hrs on Monday 7th August, if you arrive earlier the horses have to stay on the truck/trailer until 11.00 hrs.


As we understand that athletes / horses will arrive a few days earlier (or even more days), In co-operation with Equestrian Centre Deurne we offer you the opportunity to accommodate your team at Equestrian Centre Deurne (about 1 hours driving from Roosendaal).

For more information you can contact directly :

Mr. Willem-Jan Piggen

0031 612 23895

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The horse inspection will be held according Olympic order (guest country at the end) on Tuesday 8th August 2017.

Young Riders: 10h00 – 11h30

Juniors:        11h30 – 13h30

Children:      13h30 – 14h30


On Monday 7th August, each athlete/horse (in groups) will have the opportunity to explore the arena.

On Tuesday 8th August, there will be training sessions in groups for all athletes/horses, the arena will be the same as during the competitions.

Training schedules will be mailed to the federations a few days before the event will start.


The first Chef d’equipe meeting will be held on Monday 7th August 19.00 hrs in the meeting room.

On Tuesday 8th August the second meeting will be held at 15.00 hrs (including draws).

VIP Table

The Organizing Committee offers the possibility to reserve a VIP-table for the entire duration of the event and for individual days.
Additional information can be obtained upon request by email to: and / or