Christmas Show 2017 at Den Goubergh

The end of 2017 is fully dedicated to the annual Christmas Show at Den Goubergh in Roosendaal. Den Goubergh has developed as one of the largest hippic centers of the region. Throughout the year, national and international jumping and dressage competitions are organized, with our annual Christmas Show as the icing on the cake hosting to several international competitions.

Besides being a venue for the world’s most renowned riders, horse owners and a wide versatile audience, Den Goubergh is also a business meeting place. We offer you the opportunity to promote your business during the Christmas Show, for example through an Exhibitor station or by inviting your guests to the VIP deck.

We start with the National competition followed by the international dressage CDI4 * / CDIYR / CDIJ / CDIU25 / CDIP to end with 2 international jumping competitions: CSI ** / CSI *. So in short enough activity for all tastes.

Our various hospitality packages

Select your choice and sign-up easily online.

Exhibitor Package

A 4m x 4m exhibitor area to promote your business (for serveral weeks)

Starting Place Package

Complete package with guaranteed starting place for your rider

Business With Pleasure

The perfect company get-together to celebrate the end of year.

VIP Table National Competition

Complete VIP Table package for 4 to 6 persons  whether or not accompanied with a team of riders. (week 1)

VIP Table International Competitions

Complete VIP Table package for 4 to 6 persons during our International Competitions. (week 2 tot 4).